Dr. Alliston Reid

Alliston Reid received his Ph.D. from Duke University in 1981 under the supervision of Dr. John Staddon. After 15 years of teaching and research at Duke University, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (in Mexico City), and Eastern Oregon University, Dr. Reid began teaching at Wofford College in 1996. He has won nine awards for teaching excellence in psychology and in computer science, teaching in English and in Spanish. These awards include his selection as Governor’s Distinguished Professor for the state of South Carolina, a $50,000 Milliken Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Science, and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching selected him as the 2012 South Carolina Professor of the Year for “extraordinary dedication to undergraduate teaching.” Dr. Reid was granted an endowed professorship as “Reeves Family Professor of Psychology.” He is Past-President of the Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior (SQAB).

Dr. Reid works in comparative cognition. This research has led to internationally-renown research with Chaser, the Border collie (Pilley & Reid, 2011), and the entertaining Rat Basketball tournaments on YouTube. His recent research has focused on the rules of integration of responding and environmental cues to produce adaptive patterns of behavior—such as the acquisition of behavioral skills, which will be the topic of his keynote address.

More information about Dr. Reid can be found on his website.