The training triad: Taking training to the power of three

Steve White
Presentation given at the 2016 Conference

This presentation will illustrate a practitioner-centric team-based training process. Emphasis will be placed on accurate assessment of baseline skills at both ends of the leash, effective design and execution of training exercises, accurate assessment of progress, and the significant side benefits that accrue as team members rotate through three different roles.

The Training Triad consists of the:
1) Trainer (who works with his/her own dog);
2) Coach (who facilitates the Trainer’s goals); and
3) Observer (who preserves the integrity of the process while monitoring progress and safety).

Why bother with Team Training? Few, if any, of us are capable of seeing and appropriately responding to all the antecedents and consequences at play in our operating environments.Team training promotes a mindful approach to training and harnesses group wisdom to achieve more efficient and effective training results. Participants consistently report that their individual training skills improve in unexpected ways.

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