Exotic solutions to exotic animal behavior problems

Barbara Heidenreich
Presentation given at the 2018 Conference

Regardless of the species, animal trainers use the same basic principles to achieve behavior goals and/or change undesired behaviors. However, the application of these basic principles must be specific to the particular animal. Trainers must consider many factors relevant to the particular situation, including the ethology of the species, if the working conditions include free or protected contact, enclosure design, changeable team members and training skills, and much more. Getting success at times is straightforward and at other times takes ingenuity. This presentation will look at some of the unique challenges trainers face when working with exotic animals. In addition, it will explore a variety of strategies that can be used to increase compliance from clients, whether working with exotic companion animal caregivers or professionals in zoological facilities. Extensive video clips will be used to illustrate simple solutions as well as creative ones for exotic animal behavior challenges.

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