The Keep Going Signal: A tutorial

Bob Bailey
Presentation given at the 2018 Conference

This photo shows the beginning training steps to teach a dog a KGS - Keep on Going Signal

At our 2018 conference, Dr. Bob Bailey gave a brief tutorial about the Keep Going Signal (KGS). The Keep Going Signal is an auditory signal that can be used to maintain high effort, long duration behaviors. It was initially developed in the 1960s by Dr. Bailey while he was conducting research on bridge duration.

Since then, the Keep Going Signal has been used with dolphins, dogs, cats, and more. It can be used when the animal is quite some distance from the trainer (or even completely out of sight).

The picture above shows a dog in Holland during the very early stages of KGS training, using three visual targets. Soon, the targets will be faded and the dog will respond entirely to an auditory signal.

Dr. Bailey was kind enough to share his slides from his presentation for those interested in learning more about the history of the Keep Going Signal and learning more about how to build and maintain Keep Going Signals.

Click here to download Bob Bailey’s Keep Going Signal presentation