Common trainer errors: How to avoid them and why we make them

Ken Ramirez
Presentation given at the 2019 Conference

In this presentation, Ken will focus on some of the most common mistakes and shortcuts trainers take and the reasons we are often tempted to go in the “wrong direction.” More than a dozen common mistakes and solutions will be discussed from “looking for the quick fix” to a problem to a trainer’s desire to ask for a behavior “just one more time” or “use a behavior before its training is complete.” Additionally, Ken will examine some of the myths and other common beliefs or misunderstandings about training – exploring where those beliefs or sayings developed and how they can cause our training to get off track. Ken’s goal is to help attendees learn from the mistakes he himself has made as well as get his perspectives on why we are so tempted to go down that ill-fated road or believe that famous quote. Ken’s presentation will help keep you from making these errors yourself.

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