Sculpting the Cue

Emily Larlham
Presentation given at the 2019 Conference

According to an old tale, a person once asked the artist Michelangelo how he was able to carve his famous statue of David from a single piece of stone. Michelangelo apparently replied that he simply chipped away every piece of stone that wasn’t David.

Emily believes that training cues is also a sculpting process. When you create a cue, you are either molding it from scratch as if it were clay or you are carving it like a sculpture and chiseling away at all the extra aspects. A newly added cue is like an unfinished statue of David. The trainer must sculpt and mold the cue to make sure that the learner is responding just to the cue and not to other aspects of the environment, such as the trainer’s position.

In this presentation, Emily will describe techniques she uses to mold and shape new cues as well as how trainers can chisel away at extraneous parts that should not be part of the final cue.

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