2020 conference program

Join us for two full days of educational lectures,
thought-provoking question and answer sessions, and many opportunities to meet like-minded trainers and
talk all about animal behavior and training.

Program overview

Our unique format will allow you to explore these topics in a way much different from the “typical” conference experience. In addition to the presentations, we will have several panel discussions throughout the weekend. This will include opportunities for our speakers to discuss the presentations with each other and for you to ask questions about the presentations.

2020 Speakers and Topics:

Dr. Philip Hineline (Keynote speaker)
What The Textbooks Don’t Tell You About Negative Reinforcement (abstract)

Steve White
Epic Fails! How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Bomb (abstract)

Barbara Heidenreich
Exotic Animal Training: The Constructional Approach to Addressing Extreme Fear and Aggressive Behavior (abstract)

Ken Ramirez
Adduction: Combining Cues Conceptually (abstract)

Alexandra Kurland
Shaping on a Point of Contact (abstract coming soon)

Dr. Joe Layng
Coercion Without Aversive Stimuli (abstract coming soon)

Mary Hunter
Planning your shaping from a non-linear perspective (abstract coming soon)

Hannah Branigan
From the ground up: Building a skills hierarchy for competition (abstract coming soon)

Emily Larlham
Combining the Behavior of Two or More Dogs (abstract coming soon)

Al Kordowski and Dr. April Becker
What cooperative hunting with Harris’s Hawks can reveal about principles of social interaction, patterns of coordination, and group behavior training (Abstract coming soon)

Please check back later this week to learn about the rest of the conference program. We have one more talk to share with you!