Phung Luu

Fostered by a passion for working with animals from an early age, Phung Luu has been training animals for nearly two decades. With a background in avian rehabilitation, education, airport bird abatement, free-flight show production and zoo animal and staff training, Phung provides consultation services to US zoos and conservation organizations around the world. His work with zoos focuses on staff and animal training for medical management, husbandry care and public interpretation. Phung also works with other organizations providing free-flight training consultation or free-flight bird programs through his companies.

His philosophy of training focuses on effective use of positive reinforcement techniques and early behavioral development. Phung manages and trains a small collection of sixty birds when not on the road representing the two companies he owns and operates: Behavior and Training Solutions, llc – a behavior and training consulting company, and Animal Behavior and Conservation Connections, llc – a travelling free-flight bird program production company.